BAFA Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle

Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control

BAFA on the web

The BAFA is granting a license for exporting our induction coils (MFS), super high frequency triple (SHFT) and the fluxgates (FGS-03e)

Your Company

The license is granted for

your company AND your address

As a consequence we will ship all orders (also later orders) to excactly this address.
Also return / repair shipments will be made to exactly this address

Your Address

Take the official way to write your address:

Dr. Einstein
Institute of Geophysics
Main Street 123
Berlin SO 456

office +49 40 12345 22
mobile +49 172 678919

make it short; avoid:

Prof. of Honour Dr. Einstein
Berlin University
Institute of Geophysics (former Laplace Institute)
Block Z
Level 5
Main Street 123
Nearby Hospital
Berlin SO 456
Berlin county

office 0049 (0) 30-12345 (9) ext 22
mobile 0049 (0/1) +/- 172 678919

if something like “Block Z” is needed, it is ok.


If you use a different shipment address make sure that this address is used when sending back equipment for repair!

We need an institute phone number well as a mobile phone number (which is important at the time of delivery).

Dual Use

Dual use hast to be read as “can be used for civil usage AND military use”
Therefor you must clearly mention for which purpose you want to use the coils!

All our offers contain the following information (as below). Simply spoken: if you get a license, the license is for you only. You can use the coils for the purpose as mentioned in the “end use certificate” below.
You also can make your exploration / scientific studies in other countries temporarily.
BUT you can not re-sell your coils to others! In that case you (or better the new owner) needs a new license from the BAFA! Contact us in case!
(that is easy to understand: you as “good company” purchase the coils … and then re-sell to a “bad company” … so the whole license procedure becomes useless, right?)


YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RE-DISTRIBUTE THE MFS‑06e, MFS‑07e, MFS‑10e (EAN / CCL 6A006 a) 4. a) b) c)) SHFT‑02e (EAN / CCL 6A006 a) 4. b) c)), FGS‑03e (EAN / CCL 6A006 a) 3. ) COILS OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, U.S.A. and CANADA. BEFORE SELLING THE COILS TO OTHER COUNTRIES CONTACT GERMAN CUSTOMS OFFICE BAFA. Stat. Code 90158020. Stat code of other geophysical goods / spare parts is 90159000.

Outside EUROPE the validity of this quotation is subject to approval by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).

In case a BAFA license was granted for export (you successfully filled in the “end use certificate” or “statement of end-user and end-use“ or “İthal Şahadetnamesi” import form), you are obliged to provide us on request the “customs clearance / import form” (issued by your customs during import into your country). Metronix has to provide this document on request to BAFA, in order to proof the correct import into your country. If you are not able to submit us this important document on request, all consequences in the form of penalties, costs and so on are born by your side

Example for country specific document names:

  • Argentina, Customs Declaration Form

  • Brazil - Import Declaration for Consumption Summary

  • Chile - Declaration de Importation

  • People’s Republic of China (中华人民共和国) - Customs Declaration Form

  • India - Bill of Entry

  • Indonesia - Import Declaration Form (PIB)

  • Israel - Entry Manifest Form

  • Malaysia - Customs Form

  • Mexico – Pedimento

  • Philippines - Customs clearance form

  • South Africa, Bill of Entry

  • Republic of China (中華民國) - Import Declaration

Company Profile

The BAFA needs a so called “Company Profile”.

The company profile is a basic description of your company. It contains some basic information such as:

  • Write on your company paper (with letter head)

  • Company founded (year is enough)

  • Estimated empoyes / scientists

  • Company purpose ( … exploartion … science … education …?)

  • Company CEO / Director

  • Must be signed and stamped

in case you have:

  • Web url like

  • VAT number

  • Commercial Register

The company profile does not require any internal information about your company.
It is only used to clearly identify the client who receives the induction coils.

An example company profile

End Use Certificate (EUC)

also: statement of end-user and end-use

This document is utterly most important.
The BAFA licenses the export of our sensors against this document.